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Membership of the Chamber is open to firms and companies established in Nigeria or United Kingdom who trade with or have business connections or dealings with the countries involved and/or are interested in developing or furthering such interest and/or connections.

On admission to membership, such member shall pay the prescribed enrolment fee once on admission and shall in addition pay each year the current fee prescribed as annual subscription for the category of membership to which he/she belongs as prescribed by the Chamber from time to time.

The Chamber may admit to Honorary membership of the Chamber, persons distinguished in commerce, industry of finance who shall not be required to comply with any of the formalities for election and membership but any such person so appointed shall not be entitled to vote.

Member Benefits

Apart from the huge member-to-member networking opportunity open to all our members both in the United Kingdom and Nigeria, members enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Organizing conferences and seminars addressed by leading authorities in their fields, affording members to inform themselves on, and discuss current key issues affecting Nigeria - British trade.
  2. Representing members' interests to all relevant government authorities.
  3. Organizing trade missions and arranging traveling services for members.
  4. Providing information and market intelligence service on Nigeria - UK trade through the Chamber's regular publications.
  5. Provision of access to library and information data bank.
  6. Publication of the bimonthly News report on business trade and legislative issues that are of interest to Nigeria - British business relation as well as chamber members; and reporting new developments within member companies and business and employment opportunities of interest to members.
  7. The Chamber also publishes 'Tradelinks' magazine. Tradelinks is a journal of topical issues and personalities on the activities of the Chamber. It was first issued in July 1987 and has been regularly published since.